Welcome to the Town of Hearts Content! 

We are so glad you dropped by. Located a mere 124 kms from St. John's ( click here for driving directions) or 892 kms from Port aux Basques (click here for driving directions). Whether you are planning a day trip to get away from the hustle and bustle for a few hours, or a multi- week vacation to rejuvenate, we can accommodate you.
A trip to the Cable Station Museum will give you a glimpse into the excitement and change that the first successful transatlantic cable brought to the community. Wonderfully preserved, with much of the original equipment still in place, you will feel yourself transported back in time.
The Society of United Fisherman (S.U.F.) Hall is another landmark of much historical significance. A wonderfully preserved must see for sure.
​The Mizzen Heritage Society Hall has a pictorial history showing the many changes our community went through over the years. You will soon discover although much has changed, much has remained the same.
​Our beautiful, historical and functioning Lighthouse is a must see for everyone. Come see what the mariners, icebergs and whales see as they pass the harbour mouth, you won't be disappointed!

Perhaps you would like to hike along one of our walking trails. Whether you want to walk along the ocean and hear the many voices of the sea, or around a sparkling pond full of brooks and life, we have you covered.

Don't forget your bathing suit so you can have a refreshing dip in our swimming hole. 

If you want to stay the night, whether you want a motel, a vacation home or a campsite, we can look after you.

Come on out and see us, you won't be disappointed!

​Heart's Content. The name says it all...