A few facts about our Town.

Population:  418

Industry:  Fishing, Tourism, Privately owned housing construction and contracting.

Municipal Services:    The Town was incorporated August 25th, 1967, and its council consists of Mayor and six councillors.

Fred Cumby
Deputy Mayor:
Doug Piercey
Brian Fitzpatrick
Glenda Hiscock
Mike Middelkoop
Patricia Smith
Tolson Rendell

Municipal Tax Structure:  The residential and business tax rates in the Town of Heart’s Content are competitive with other towns on the Baccalieu Trail.

Services:      Town supplied services include

  • Water and Sewer Service   
  • Weekly Garbage Collection  
  • Fire Protection Services – Heart’s Content Volunteer Fire Brigade

Other Services:  

  • See our other services listed here

Local Area Services:    


  • Medical Clinic - Winterton (8 kms)
  • Ambulance - Winterton (8 kms)
  • Hospital – Carbonear (17kms)  
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Harbour Grace (22kms)      


Education Services:


  • Perlwin Elementary School (K-9) - Winterton (8 kms)
  • Carbonear Collegiate (Levels 1 – 3) Carbonear (17kms)


Places to Visit:  

  •    Mizzen Heritage Photo & Model Museum
  •    Cable Station – Provincial Historic Site
  •    S.U.F. Hall – Designated Heritage House
  •    Heyfield United Church
  •    St Mary’s Anglican Church
  •    Masonic Lodge
  •    Heart’s Content Lighthouse
  •    Rendell Forge
  •    House of Commons