The Town of Hearts Content is a friendly and inviting little community nestled in a picturesque harbour on the southern shore of Trinity Bay.  Town of Hearts Content 

Brief History of Heart’s Content

The Town of Heart’s Content has much to be proud of. With its deep sheltered harbor nestled into the south shore of Trinity Bay, it leaves no wonder where the Community got its name. When John Guy visited in 1615, he described the place as picturesque and the same word applies today. The community was chosen for the successful landing of the first Trans Atlantic Cable in 1866. This has made the Town renowned all over the world. The industry and economy expanded in the late 1800’s with adequate docking facilities for shipbuilding and the trans-shipment point of newsprint from the province’s paper mills. While all the activities that brought the Town to prominence has faded into history, the population of 495 still remains a main center on the Trinity Shore. This includes the drug store, banking services, Government offices, including the Department of Forestry and Wildlife, and the Department of Works Services and Transportation. Thousands of tourists visit the cable museum each summer, which is now a Provincial Historic Site.

The Town was incorporated in 1967 with it’s first volunteer Fire Department. In the same year the Town’s first recreation commission was also formed. The first elected Council took office in 1974 and improvements have continued over the years, with paved roads, street lighting,  fully serviced water and sewer system and a 20 Member Volunteer Fire Department which is fully equipped with a 625 pumper truck purchased in 1992. The Town has a seven-member council with Mayor Fred Cumby.

The town has recreational facilities including a ball field and a playground, and also has a good commercial tax base with two garages, a restaurant, a motel, hairdressers, a grocery store and a convenience store and gas bar.

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