Monday: Cable Museum Exhibit, Registration and Wine & Cheese

Tuesday: Parade through Town, ACW Luncheon, Kids Magic Show, ACW Cards & Adult Magic Show

Wednesday: Official Anniversary Date: Re-Enactment, Boat Parade, Music on the Green, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Lighthouse, Open Mic, Fireworks & Memory Lantern Release

Thursday: 50+ Club Fish & Brewis, Children's Picnic, Guided Walk & Kitchen Party

Friday: PHS Activities at the Cable Station, Family Carnival Day, Ladies Council Pork and Cabbage, Jannie's Parade & Christmas in July

Saturday: Masonic Breakfast, Harbour Authority Flotilla, Field Games and Games of Chance at Rec Centre Playground & Street Dance

Sunday: Church Service at Rec Centre & Folk Festival

Photos courtesy of Kaleigh M photography

Official webpage:www.kaleighm.com

                                                    150th Anniversary Commemoration Celebration Pictures

                                                                            “Connected and Contented”

The Town and People of Heart's Content would like to thank everyone that was involved in any way with the outstanding week of celebrations that we had. These pictures are a little glimpse into what transpired that week...